Eagle - Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing

Vacuum Casting
We have a dedicated team of mold makers who are experts at creating vacuum casting molds which offer fine surface details while being robust enough to make up to 50 copies per mold with short lead times.

Our Advantages
1) Save cost, No investment cost required;
2) High quality;
3) Fast to get a few pieces to hundred pieces (Normally 7 to 12 days);
4) Different types of transparent color and rubber are available;
5) Low volume runs;
6) No requirement for expensive hard tooling.

Abilities & Experience
We tend to do vacuum cleaning, RTV modelling which is a highly versatile technology capable of producing parts in a range of polyurethane (PU) resins and cast nylon. It creates replicates and replaces engineering polymers for prototypes and end-use parts. This casting technique is ideally suited to low volume batch production when injection moulding is not cost beneficial. These casting techniques can mimic production parts in material properties, thermal properties, colors, and surface textures, and can as well be machined, sanded, glued, and painted readily.

Meet Your Different Needs:
1) Prototypes for mechanical, thermal or aesthetic validation
2) Pre-production to for the market
3) Functional testing
4) Pre-testing to your products
5) Rigid or flexible, transparent or coloured.
6) Overmolding of specific inserts in any material
7) Thermal and air flow testing
8) Assembly line trials
9) Overmolding of specific inserts in any material
10) Thermal and air flow testing
11) Assembly line trials

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