Pressure Die Casting


We offer a complete range of pressure die casting services, including mold tool making, die casting and post-machining, deliver the performance at the prices you need.

Advantages of Pressure Die Casting

1) Lower costs compared to other processes.

2) Castings with close dimensional control and good surface finish

3) Castings with thin walls, and therefore are lighter in weight

4) Suited for larger production runs

5) Complex geometries can be made that require little or no post-machining


Abilities & Experience

Our design engineers are outstanding when it comes to using high-pressure die casting in producing intricate shapes with repeatability, durability and dependable quality. When you send us your 3D product design for a free quote, our engineers will review your design to ensure it is optimized for manufacturing.




Application of Pressure Die Casting

1) Automotive parts like wheels, blocks, cylinder heads, manifolds etc.

2) Aerospace castings.

3) Electric motor housings.

4) Kitchen ware such as pressure cooker.

5) Cabinets for the electronics industry.

6) General hardware appliances, pump parts, plumbing parts.