Injection Moulding


We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ injection molded parts with excellent surface finish as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and finishing services to complete your project.

High Quality & Low Cost

We specialize in high-quality custom injection molding. We use a variety of machinery to produce part sizes that range from a few grams up to a kilogram. Our advanced equipment allows us to increase efficiency and control quality, minimize the overall cost and maximize value for our customer.


Custom Parts Shipped In 18 Days

Our injection molding service is good for custom low volume cnc parts. From we receive your 3D CAD data and drawings to providing you a quotation, this will only take 24-48 hours. After you confirm the order, you will get the DFM from our engineer for approval. Once the DFM is completed and the mold layout is agreed, including position and type of gate, ejector pins position and parting line position, we will start to make an injection mold for moldings.

Typically we can ship out the first off samples to you in as little as 18 days. You may need to adjust your design a little bit after you see the first off samples and we would do the mold modifications accordingly.


Popular Technique

Our injection molding department develops thermoset plastic injection molds using aluminum, steel, epoxy, rubber, and silicone. We also formulate our own resins and have experience increasing part strength by molding over reinforced fiber meshes, a practice known as structural reaction injection molding which has become a popular technique for developing bumpers, fenders, and spoilers in the automotive industry.