Case Studies

Radio Equipment Case

The aluminum case is designed to house radio communication equipment onboard commuter trains. Therefore it must conform to safety concerns related to heat dissipation and protecting people from electrical or fire hazards. There are two main body sections and a single cover plate. The interior is hollow and easily accessible to allow for the installation of components.

Project Details

Services: CNC Machining, Pressure Die Casting, Painting

Materials & Finish: Mold Tool: H13 Hardened Tool Steel

Parts: ADC12 Aluminum

Unit: 10,000+Units

Lead Time: 42 days

Project Processing

Pressure die casting is ideal for large aluminum pieces like this. Although it takes a relatively long time to make a single casting mold, multiple high-quality copies can then be produced quickly and economically with excellent results. Our engineers carefully examined the drawings to assess its manufacturability. Upon review, we found a few areas that needed to be optimized to achieve the desired results. 

Once we put the die into the casting machine, we poured molten aluminum from a crucible into the sleeve. The plunger injects the metal into the mold under great pressure. Care must be taken to ensure worker safety in the pouring of liquid metal. For larger amounts, or “shots”, an automatic ladle is used to transfer metal from the cauldron to the sleeve. Also, protective doors separate the worker from the mold during injection. There is little material waste and unused or excess aluminum scrap can be almost indefinitely recycled back into production.

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