Case Studies

Printer Component Parts

R&D prototype is always very tight tolerance prototype Machining. This is a Research development project from a printer device company, it is 1 unit with totally 15 parts, which requires the precision machined parts from CNC. This project will use for the functional test and Dependency checking.

Project Details

Services: CNC Machining

Materials: Black ABS

Finish: Polishing

Unit: 1 unite included 15 parts

Time: 8 days

Project Processing

The structure of the printer prototype is not that specially complicate for machining projects, however, that structure with high precision requirement is the tough thing for most of 3 axes CNC machining Company. We use a newly precision CNC machine combined with the special programming processing and skilled operation to process this prototype testing unit.

Some aperture or positioning dimension requires in the limited tolerance of 0.05mm that is a challenge for plastic machining. We had design a lot of positioning fixture using in CNC Machining, on one hand to make the possibility to process the model in one whole part, and on the other hand prevent the plastic out of shape during processing. Repeated measuring during processing is a must step as well. Finally, we will provide a 100% whole dimension measuring report to client.

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